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3. dubna 2010 v 13:25 | Rita |  English, please
Hi... I would like apologize someone boy. I'm sorry. I just thought that you feel  the same as me. I didn't want trouble you. I just...I thought that IT, what you said, any mean. I know that I'm very stupid. Again, I'm Sorry.

***When I see you, I think that you are just stupid boy. I don't know that the stupid was I. I think that you are same as Jacob and Kate and Irena and Andy and next boys and girls.***

***I live without you long time. I don't miss you. I want my dream about Kamil and I want my problems with "firma 'KAM'". I don't know that you exist. I don't know you.***

***I see you. What about? You are just one boy.***

***I see that you are very handsome boy. I like your face, your eyes...Every about you... ***

***You say it, what I want. What I need. Thanks. I think, you are very, very handsome. I love you. I adream about how you kiss me...***

***I'm sad. You dancing with another...No with me...***

***"When you look me in the eyes..." Oh, I know that I love you, but now I thinking, that you like me too...***

***You donť write me. I'm sad.***

***You write me. Yes.***

It was sad. And I made more mistakes than I thought. You don't know me, yes? Well, but you didn't say me that I trouble you. I write you it. When you said me it, I would didn't think something and I would didn't do it.

Ok, ok. I'm sorry. Bye...

**************I Love You, but I know that You Don't love ME****************

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